About Us

We are Idiort, We are people like you. We are group of talented designers, photographers, sculptors, musicians, painters, decorators, dancers, managers, business lovers, sports enthusiast, net surfers, techies, travellers, party lovers, day dreamers, night watchmen who believe that they have something amazing to create & present it to the world on a common online platform IDIORT. Through IDOIRT we want to bring our finest work to your door step. We want to make the world artistically beautiful through our products & want to bring a happiness on every face. We won't say we are working very hard for it. Because these things comes naturally for an Idiort like us. But still much more to come to define us in a more better way. But if you believe that you are an Idiort like us & want to share your creativity with the entire world, so my dear friend the stage is yours. Come & Join us. If you still want to know more about us, give us a call or do write us on cs@idiort.com